Music Library Organizer – Automatically Fix ID3 Tags and Sort iTunes

Music Library Organizer – Automatically Fix ID3 Tags and Sort iTunes

For those of us with tons of downloaded music on our computers, having a music library organizer is a must. The larger a music collection the worse things can get when it is not organized.

What are ID3 Tags?

Back when people only got music on their PC’s by burning purchased CD’s keeping track of songs was easy. But now with the growing popularity of MP3 downloads, that is no longer the case. Media players use ID3 tags embedded in the music files to organize them. These tags contain information like song and artist name, album title, release year, genre, compression info, and can even hold lyrics as well.

When these ID3 tags are incorrect or incomplete the media player will have a hard time sorting the songs. A default standard is to assign the name Track 01 and Unknown Artist to music file. Of course these tags can be edited manually, but if you have 1,000’s of songs like the average person does, that is very time-consuming.

Editing Music Tags on the Fly

Luckily there is new software available called a music library organizer that can solve all your woes. This ID3 tag editor can automatically scan you music files and correct or fill is missing tag information! Now you can correctly catalog your digital music collection automatically. The software were can even fix your Track 01 songs too.

What a Music Library Organizer can do for you:

Fix misspelled songs
Correct ID3 Tags
Download Album Artwork
Provide and easy to use interface

If duplicate mp3 files is a problem, after cleaning your songs they can easily be identified and erased. iTunes actually has a feature that can do this for you, and after your music is labeled correctly it will be much more efficient.

Music library organizers are easy to download and usually come with a free trial version. If your iTunes is in disarray I highly suggest downloading an automatic ID3 tag editor.

If your music collection is a mess and full of “Track 01” and “Unknown Artist” you can fix mp3 tags automatically in minutes!

Fix mislabeled music, download album art, get concert alerts, and complete missing ID3 tags with the best music library organizer on the market. Click the links above or copy and past this URL in to your address bar for a full review of the program and its features, complete with a video tutorial on how to use the software.