How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – Telltale Signs a Man Likes You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – Telltale Signs a Man Likes You

As women we all would love to know how to tell if a guy likes you. Men are something of a confusing puzzle to us at times. What they say doesn’t always connect with what they do. A guy might tell you that he’s wild about you but yet his actions suggest he’s just not that into you. So is there any way to really know what’s going on in his heart and head? There is. There are a few signs a guy likes you that will give you some insight into exactly what he’s feeling for you.

The first of the signs a guy likes you is really obvious. If he always wants to spend time with you, he’s feeling something more than friendship for you. It’s not uncommon for a man in love to do everything within his power to even just have thirty minutes with the woman he loves. If your guy is always busy with this and that and always has an excuse for why he can’t see you, he’s not in love with you yet.

Understanding how to tell if a guy likes you involves paying close attention to what he talks about. This can be pretty subtle but it’s very telling. If your guy is always talking about himself and his own life when you two are together, he’s way more into himself than he is into you. When a man starts really liking a woman, and it’s bordering on falling in love, he can’t get enough of her. He wants to know everything there is to know about her. If your man is always asking you questions about what you like and don’t like, how you’re feeling and what’s going in your life, he’s crazy about you.

You can also tell a lot about what a guy is feeling based on his body language when he’s around you. Does he like to sit close to you? Is he always reaching out to touch your hand or stroke your arm? If he wants to be physically close to you that’s a positive sign that he’s developing strong feelings for you. If he shies away from holding hands and he’s not very affectionate, it may mean that he’s not feeling as much for you as you are for him.

Specific things you say and do can make a guy feel helplessly drawn to you right now. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. For more insightful tips about understanding guys including a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this informative site!