How to Get Free Website Traffic – 5 Steps to Take Now!

How to Get Free Website Traffic – 5 Steps to Take Now!

In order to make money from blogging you need to get traffic to your blog. This does take work but it can be done all in one month with some dedication. I break these tasks up by day and it is much easier to manage.

1. Article Marketing- Use and Submit 300-600 word articles that you write. No need to purchase articles yet as we don’t want to spend any money in the beginning and this is a necessary Internet Marketing skill to learn and master. In addition to these 2 sites, submitting to the next 5 largest is not a bad idea if you have time. Add a backlink to your blog in the Bio/Resource Box of the article. Submit 1-5 articles a week to each site. Make sure each site gets slightly different articles. Change 30% so their is not duplicate content, which search engines hate.

2. Squidoo- Create 1-5 Squidoo Lenses and Hub Pages in your niche. Each lens should target a different keyword. Use these to direct people back to your blog.

3. “Dig” & “Stumble Upon”- Have your friends and yourself do both of these to each of your posts.

4. Blog Commenting- Make a list of 20+ blogs that are closely related to your blogs content. Post relevant comments to their posts and use your blog’s name and website in the bio box. This will build keyword related backlinks to your blog. Build at least 200 comments over the next 30 days spread out over these blogs.

5. Forum Posting- Find 5-10 popular forums in your blog’s niche. Create an account for each one and add your blogs link in the “profile” section. Post at least 5 responses a day in each of these forums.

Doing these 5 tasks religiously for the first 30 days or your blogs life will help it get noticed by the search engines and will begin to produce a nice passive income over time.

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