How to Edit ID3 Tags – Top 3 Ways to Organize Your Music Library

How to Edit ID3 Tags – Top 3 Ways to Organize Your Music Library

If you are wondering how to edit ID3 tags quick and easily then you are in the right place. Find out how to fix mp3 tags, organize iTunes, get album art, and delete duplicate songs automatically. Editing ID3 tags can be done three different ways. Here is an explanation of each.

How to Edit ID3 Tags Manually

Most media players such as iTunes allow you to right-click on music files and view/edit their properties. You would first have to search the internet for the correct song title, album name, artist name, genre, release date, and track order. After gathering that info right-click the song and edit the tags. Be careful not to make any typos! This method as you can imagine takes forever.

Using a Bulk ID3 Tag Editor

This program will allow you to edit multiple tags at once. Unfortunately all the research prior to editing is still required. And once again make sure you enter everything in exactly as it should be. These editors can easily be found all over the internet.

How to Edit ID3 Tags Automatically

Now this is what you’ve been waiting for. Software that can scan your music files and automatically download the correct music tags and sync it. There are only two of these (to my knowledge). Being the premiere software in the niche they offers bonus features like:

Deletes iTunes Duplicates
Gets Album Artwork
Organizes Genres
Fixes Misspelled Songs

It was obvious to me which route to go when I was figuring out how to edit ID3 tags. I saved a lot of time and energy using the automatic organizer.

If your music collection is a mess and full of “Track 01” and “Unknown Artist” you can fix mp3 tags automatically in minutes!

Fix mislabeled music, download album art, delete iTunes duplicates, and complete missing ID3 tags with the best ID3 tag editor on the market. Click the links above or copy and past this URL in to your address bar for a full review of the program and its features, complete with a video tutorial on how to use the software.