Google Shortener And Its Affect On SEO

Google Shortener And Its Affect On SEO

The long awaited URL shortener has been launched successfully. It was in December last year when the first experiments were done. The short links were helpful in sharing links on social networks like Twitter. There has been a serious suspense in the online world with respect to the SEO, search and Google algorithm where people assume to influence the preset settings.

If you talk about with the link building perspective, the shortening technology uses 301 that refer to permanently moved to redirect to the destination. This way, any share linked on social network will bring traffic down to the website and enhance the ranking in any way.

The technology can also work for the Google Ranking Algorithm therefore becoming a factor where search results can be easily analyzed, Google can easily monitor the way trends are moving with the direction of clicks setting up the ranking.

Google PageRank was an important element to webmaster and therefore links were active throughout to make sure that the site gets every possible vote in order to have a nice PageRank. The rise in social media and some other complex advanced technologies made the analysis of page rank less effective but seems to revive the way it used to work. There will be a link equity created when traffic will pass through the URL shortener therefore restoring the effectiveness of indexing the global web as intended in the start.

The “vote” system that used to determine the PageRank has been changed for a number of reasons. Users can now cast vote by sharing content through social network and emails. The shortener is going to help Google analyze the way in which trends are moving and people are influencing the web based audience with their content.

Every URL that will be shortened using a Google record will be tracked down by Google and can get them some valuable information about the demography. Users signed in will contribute their “vote” or “like” in this way getting their part registered in defining the ranks of a certain page.

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