Getting the Most from Your Back-Link Building Resources

Getting the Most from Your Back-Link Building Resources

It is especially critical to comprehend how the Page rank system funtions if you want to maximize your back-link building techniques. Often website owners consume a whole lot of time utilizing inferior link building methods because they have an insufficient grasp on these facts. What we’ll do in this article will be to help you in improving your comprehension of these concerns, and help you attain vastly improved SE results.

The PR toolbar that Google provides actually gives an inexact idea of the real order in which websites get placed in the Serps. The actual methods by which Google figures out its SE rankings is a very guarded secret.

The Page-Rank Toolbar is updated every two or three months, and that gives only a brief approximation of the real website standings, which are given to vary any time.

Even with all of that, Google’s toolbar is the lone system in place that is able to give us even a loose estimate of the real Serps. If you are reading this, you probably possess an interest in back-link building, so I recommend that you download and install this toolbar so you can have easy access to the toolbar Page-Rank indicator. After you have installed it, it is neccessary to start the Page-Rank indicator by clicking the little wrench in the top right corner, then press the General Tab, and then check the PR functionality box.

Now you can go to see any site on the Web, and instantly see the toolbar estimations for every page.

In using the PR toolbar, what quickly may become apparent to you is that some webpages show up without any rank. So these are going to be the lowest possible status pages, lower even than zero rank.

More often than not, and this is crucial, this state defines the status of most website’s “links”, or “partners”, or “partner links” web-pages.

Let’s say you own a comic sales website and there is a popular related website that has a home-page rank of five. You would like to get a back-link to this guy’s webpage because you understand that getting back-links from high ranking web-pages that are in a similar category as your own is a very powerful method of achieving rank status. After making a great of attempt to make a connection and get friendly with this business owner, you finally get him to do a two-way link exchange.

What happens at this point is that you get placed on his “links” web-page which doesn’t have a page rank of 5 or 6, it has a page rank of less than nothing. So you won’t get even close to the amount of advantage as you would have if you were linking to the front page- this is a waste of your time and energy. You would need a hundred or more of such links to equal the value of what you thought you were going to get. A webpage which is soley dedicated to displaying links to other websites is almost always going to be worthless.

You need to concentrate on page rank, not website rank, or front page rank. The area you need to search for back-link opportunities is on web-pages where content is incorporated with back-links. These kinds of webpages are likely to rank much higher than a “links” page. It’s unlikely that you can get your link on a high ranking front page, but this doesn’t actually make a difference, as you only need to get a link from a content filled page with a decent PR.

Whenever you see pages that have a high rank yet no visible content, or very poor content, then in all probability it achieved its status through many purchased back-links, or some other SE unfriendly tactic, and it won’t last too long. What it all comes down to is that you just don’t want to waste your energy trying to attain links to unranked pages full of other links.

That type of link arrangement will only help if and when you made hundreds and hundreds of them.

If you are solely engaged in creating links manually, then you need to focus on the quality of the exchanges that you make, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. These kinds of links may be harder to get, but if you receive anywhere from 10 to 100x the value out of it than you would with the conventional junky type deal, then it is certainly worth the effort.

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