Get More Followers On Twitter

Get More Followers On Twitter
Social media optimisation and social networking have become potentially powerful business tools. They can be a very beneficial way of building traffic and authority for your website especially since search engines like Google now give them greater credence than ever before. The problem is that as the Internet has become more social it has also become more difficult for webmasters and online marketers to satisfy their social networking needs. Below are a few steps to help you get more followers on Twitter.

Set Your Goals

It may sound a bit new age, but unless you know why youre joining Twitter you are likely to fall early in the race. Do you want to use it as a means to build a list of leads? Or would you rather use it as a convenient means of keeping your customers and others abreast of the latest news.

Separate Your Business And Social Accounts

Always keep your social Twitter account separate from your business account. If youre serious and want to get more followers on Twitter then you will need to work at it and if you try to combine your personal friends with your leads then it will become messy quickly. Set up 2 accounts if necessary, or just keep your social networking to a different site.

Set Up Your Profile Properly

Think of your profile as an extension of your website or business. Boiler plate templates and dull, boring profiles will not help you towards the kind of success that can be achieved.

Follow Others

Find other Twitter users within your industry and follow those that interest you the most. Follow your competitors if necessary and try to avoid the temptation of simply following everybody that you can find because there are hundreds of millions users; make the most of the site and follow those with benefit.

Be Active

To get more followers on Twitter you should avoid trying to game the system and the social networking aspect. The fact is that the most effective social networking and Twitter campaigns are enjoyed by those individuals and businesses that are willing to put the time into conversations, retweet posts, add content regularly, and generally become an active member of their own community. provides a range of Twitter related services and can help you to get more followers on Twitter and improve your social networking and social media optimisation efforts.