Free Tips to Build One Way Links

Free Tips to Build One Way Links

Almost every online marketer knows that the only way to climb up to the top ranks of the search engine result pages is through getting back links. These back links are not just ordinary links, but these are highly relevant back links coming from the websites in your own niche. However, you should know that this is not as easy as writing your a-b-c. In the past years, it was very common among online marketers to exchange links and it did work for some time. Today however, link exchanges are no longer effective since one way back links are more common nowadays. If you are planning to open your business online, here are some tips to build one way links.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make one way links. The most common way is to request a link from one website, however, this method is not really that effective and there are a lot of webmasters that does not really give out their links more often because it leaks the page ranks. Another method is article marketing. In order for you to get one way link through this method, you have to post articles in various article directories and each of your articles must have a resource box that contains the URL of your web site. You can also do this thing through article submission. The method is just the same and it can help you gain tons of one way back links. Another common method is through social bookmarking. But then, if you really want to create high quality link backs, you have to promote your site in websites that are related to your own that is within your niche.

One of the most common tips to build one way links is to get a back links from a website using the keyword that you want for your anchor text. This may be a bit difficult to accomplish but there is an automated way in order to do this step that can help you get hundreds of one way back links. What’s good about this is that, they are mostly dripped fed, which means that back links are accumulated every now and then. Even more, this can only take ten minutes of your time to set up and you can leave it alone to do other things. Since it is autopilot, it can grow your back links without much workload.

When working with such online directories, whether it is an article directory or social bookmarking sites, remember that you still have to be responsible for everything that you submit. You cannot just simply submit and forget about it. Sure you can do other things aside from this advertising campaign, but be sure to constantly check all your submissions. The Internet has so much good things to offer, but it also offer some bad things. Thus, you need to keep all the good ones. In this way, you will be able to build your one way links that can help you generate more and more website traffic everyday and can help you succeed in the long run.

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