Facebook Photo Frames ? A Great Way to Share Photos

Facebook Photo Frames ? A Great Way to Share Photos

Recently, digital photo frames have taken a upswing in technology – turning to social media for inspiration.  These Facebook photo frames can display your digital pictures from a memory card, but they can also connect to Facebook, to Twitter, and other photo-sharing sites like Flickr or Photobucket.  They can now even take RSS feeds and send them to their photo displays as well.

The HP DreamScreen is a whole new way to picture everything you love.  Photos, videos, music, and more – it takes it online and uses realtime updates from your family and friends via your Facebook page.  It will play from its stored internal memory, stream from Facebook, or play off your hard drive.  This product contains an alarm clock and also can act as a radio device which will play MP3s.  It will also display images from SnapFish.
Developed by Hewlett-Packard, it is a 10.2-inch WiFi enabled display that is about $ 200 on Amazon.com.  
With the DreamScreen 100, you can easily enjoy your music, photos, and videos with easy to use button and screens, and you can even control your digital entertainment in the palm of your hand.  Just use a simple, intuitive remove that was designed for ease of use and ultimate control.  The built-in Wi-Fi connects very easily to your home network and you can access content on your PCs through the internet and through the network.
The HP DreamScreen 100 ultimately is a useful connection to the internet which uses your wireless network to even update you on today’s weather!

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Facebook Photo Frames – the eMotion Secial Connect Frame
Media Street has beautifully created a nifty little Facebook photo frame platform called LifeGoRound which is content portal for the eMotion Social Connect Facebook photo frame.  This is an 8-inch Wi-Fi enabled photo frame which is a bit cheaper than the DreamScreen 100 by HP – priced at only around $ 150.  The LifeGoRound platform easily creates a way for you to view photos that are stored and hosted on popular sites like Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, and Walmart.

You can also upload your images right onto the LifeGoRound site and e-mail photos to your own account – you can also email the images to friends and family.  It’s easy to create different groups for sharing different photos in different places.

We invite you to view more about Facebook Photo Frames by visiting our website. You can also click here to find out about a great Facebook Photo Frame called the DreamScreen 100