Causes of Skin Tags – Watch Out For Them

Causes of Skin Tags – Watch Out For Them

“What are the causes of skin tags?” many friends ask.

As the name suggests, skin tags are little pieces of thick skin attached to the skin on your body. They are caused by bunches of collagen and blood vessels which are trapped inside a thicker piece of skin. They often stick off the skin and look like hanging on it.

The exact causes of tags on skin are unknown even to the medical personnel. They can happen to any part of the body and often to people past middle age. Though the majority of these tags are not cancerous, they can be very unpleasant cosmetically. However, it’s comforting to know that there are a number of cures including natural treatment which one can apply at home.

There are a few possible causes of skin tags. One of these is the virus that brings about warts. The wart virus doesn’t cause the tags directly but serves as a contributing factor. That is why some warts look very much like a tag.

Another cause of  tags on skin is change in hormones. One instance of this is pregnancy when growth factors like hormones in the women’s body are at a higher than normal level. Having a couple of such tags during the process of pregnancy is not uncommon experience to the mothers-to-be.

Apart from pregnancy, insulin resistance is also a possible cause of skin tags. In fact, when examining a patient for insulin resistance, tags on skin are an important physical signs. Therefore it’s advisable for people who have developed these tags to be alert of diabetes symptoms as well.

Lastly, steroids intake may be another cause of skin tags. Steroids intake through drugs as by athletes can interfere with the body and muscles. This in turn affects the skin and causes the collagen fibers to bond and develop into tags.

Despite the harmlessness of these tags, they can be really irritating especially when they occur on eyelids or in embarrassing areas. Whatever the causes of skin tags are, if you’d like to remove all your tags on skin fast and painlessly, go for the #1 Mole-Wart-Tag Treatment.