Automated Instagram Follower and Promotion Software


Automated Instagram Follower and Promotion Software

Save time and money by putting your Instagram network building on auto pilot.  Find the time to engage or take time off to relax.

  • Get Real Instagram Followers
  • Schedule Automated Photo Posts
  • Automated Photo and Video Liker and Commenter
  • Powerful Searches, including by location, hashtags, and more!
  • Find and Create Exportable Lists of Users

Get Real Instagram Followers, Real Photo Likes and Comments, Schedule Posts

Follow/Unfollow Instagram users, Schedule Posts, Like Back Photos, Automated Photo Liker, Automated Direct Message, Create Lists, Search by Hashtag, Search by Geo Location of User, photo, or comments

Follow Adder’s Instagram Marketing and Management Software for Mac, Windows, or Linux:

  • Publish posts to Instagram immediately or schedule them to publish at a later time from your computer
  • Easily manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place
  • Grow your Instagram community by engaging your audience right within the dashboard
  • Find opportunities for engagement by creating search streams that follow specific users, hashtags, and keywords
  • Increase your google search ranking by increase in followers and activity
  • Build brand awareness and activity through automated photo commenting, liking, and photo like backs
  • Benefit from Instagram now, ranked the 27th most trafficked website in the world!
  • Increase sales, web traffic, brand awareness, self promotion (Artists, Models, Musicians)! Software can pay for itself many times over!
  • Struggling with how to get likes on your instagram pictures? We can help!

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Jeremy Burford

Instagram Follow Adder Automated Management and Marketing Software

Get Real Instagram Followers and Schedule Photo Posts

Help with Instagram Marketing and gaining/increasing more Instagram Followers. Stop doing things the hard way. Expand on your company and benefit of specific niche Instagram followers for your markets. Gain a loyal following from customers by engaging with your Instagram market. Schedule Posting Relevant Content including high quality photos, and also engage on a more personal, human level with your audience. This helps build interest.

Engage with other users by liking their content and commenting.

Find specific hashtags relevant to your company, ex. #wakeboarding, and like/engage with every picture possible in the category.

Schedule Post Pictures and take advantage of your new user base. Posting multiple times throughout the day. This keeps the content fresh and flowing.

Run Contests: Run a weekly contest where we give shirts away to fans who engage with our brand by tagging us and using our hash tag in their pictures. This drives more exposure and general engagement, and keeps people loyal and interested.

Following Users who follow relevant accounts: If you owned a surf shop, you can find any number of surf and boardshops and go through and follow their users to gain exposure to relevant potential customers. This is by far the best tactic as it greatly increases exposure and we get tons of re-follows this way.

Automated Instagram Following & Unfollowing

FollowAdder has you covered on every Follow and UnFollow option conceivable.

Automates photo liking and unliking

Increase your Instagram profile’s traffic and visibility by automatically Like or Unlike Instagram Photos.

Schedule Automated Photo Posting, Commenting, and Liking

Our Automated Photo Commenter allows you to comment on Instagram photos over a period of time automatically. This allows you to do other things while FollowAdder continues to interact with your followers.

Niche Search Features by photo hashtag

FollowAdder includes searches by #Hashtags, Usernames, Photos, and Comments

Automated Direct Messaging

FollowAdder allows you to import a list of direct messages and thank you messages. Direct Messages can be set to automatically send your message to all of your followers over a period of time, or check for new followers to send a Thank You Message.

Manage Multiple Instagram Profiles

FollowAdder allows you to manage multiple Instagram profiles from one software installation. Whether you have multiple Instagram profiles or you are Social Networking Promotions Manager, we have you covered.

Relax with a winning Instagram Strategy.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your success as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, FollowAdder constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. Find and reach out to potential readers and develop tighter relationships with existing ones. Increase traffic to make more sales or interest in your website or promotion and much more!

Increase the number of people who follow and like your Instagram posts.

Followadder’s powerful follower hashtag and photo searches help get the most out of Instagram by enabling the ability for very tight, focused keyword searches within an user’s interests and posts.  People who come up in these results are very likely interested in following you back.  Very useful for someone who is targeting for a local business, industry influencers, or just needing more fans.

Incredible Features:

Followadder is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Followadder is not only built by us, but also by our users. That’s right! We have added every benefit imaginable. All bells and whistles included! Everything you need to grow your niche, localized network for best results.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • White List – Ensure these profiles are never unfollowed
  • Black List – Never follows these profiles
  • Full User Info
  • Follow Back Users who have followed you
  • Create, import, export customizable lists
  • Remove Users with Default Profile Pictures
  • Ignore Users with private profiles, or default pics
  • Set time delay for automated actions
  • Get a list of any profiles’s followers to follow
  • Follow by followers, following, popular photo commenters or likers, or keyword
  • Full Overview of Multiple Account Statistics
  • Top Notch Support Service
  • Consistent Updates & New Features
  • Proxy supported
  • Use of Multi Thread HTTP Requests for increased speed
  • Full Activity Log to view all steps performed by the program
  • Full ability to visit resulting profiles for further inspection
  • Import/Export ability of profile lists, and direct messages
  • Free Trial
  • Free Customer Support

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5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Flickr

5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Flickr

Social media comes in many shapes and forms. You have the life-inclusive multipurpose Facebook, the quickfire thought sharing platform Twitter, the time wasting viral powerhouse YouTube, the professional networking tool LinkedIn, the inspiration generating Pinterest…well, you get the idea. The niche is ever widening, with more sites being created to fit new audiences every day.5 tips to incresae your visibility on Flickr

Some are big hits, some are just carbon copy wannabes. Most are innovative but don’t quite manage to take off the way the creators hoped it would. Mainly because it is in a market that is so well covered by massive websites.

The one that has managed to cover all things image sharing is Flickr. A place for people to show off their own work, it is probably the most popular photo site on the web. It has plenty of professional portfolios, amateur albums and even creative commons items that can be used freely for personal or commercial purposes. With proper credit, of course.

If you are using Flickr and want to increase your visibility, there are several ways you can do so. But first, I want to address a common misconception people have about this site.

While it is in the Terms and Services that you cannot use Flickr to advertise, it doesn’t mean you cannot indirectly promote your business. Flat out advertising will get you kicked off the site in a heartbeat. As will spamming groups with links and things trying to get you to go to their site or page.

But if you want to promote your business, these five tips will help you do so within Flickr’s rules, while raising your overall visibility.

#1. Reverse Marketing

(This includes embedding links in webpages, sharing from social media sites, Pinterest)

Reverse Marketing

Just because you can’t easily link to outside pages from within Flickr, doesn’t mean you can’t do it the other way around. Embed the link in photos you use on blogs, share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and connect other photography accounts with your Flickr account in the descriptions. This allows you to draw people on third-party sites to your Flickr page. Which then gives them access to your other photos, as well.

In addition, you can create a Pinterest account to share your photos, as well. They have recently made a feature that allows sharing from Flickr, but automatically offers proper credit and a link back to the original photographer. Which will get you around those nagging copyright and fair use worries.

More reading: How To Add Flickr Images On Your Blog

#2. Get a Professional Account

Get a Professional Flickr Account

It doesn’t cost much to buy an annual professional account from Flickr. For about $25 you can have an official icon showing that you are a pro user, which actually adds more credibility in the community. You also get enhanced features, such as unlimited photos, video, HD video capabilities and photo replacement if you enhance an image.

But the most beneficial feature for visibility is that with a pro account, you can post a photo in up to 60 user group pools. Whereas a free account only allows you to put each photo in ten. This gives you six times the chance of being seen.

You also get statistics that show you traffic and link referrals. So you can monitor where traffic is generated from and use it to improve your marketing.

More reading: Flickr PRO review

#3. Join Plenty Of Groups and Be Active

Join Flickr Groups

Group pools are about much more than just posting your own work, whether you do so on a pro account, or not. It is about fostering relationships and contributing to the site at large. The more you do this, the more well known you will become. But it will be in a positive manner that gives you a reputation on Flickr, and brings people to your images.

Start by commenting regularly, offering constructive criticism and telling people what you like about their images. Be encouraging and invite people to the groups you join. Participate in contests, where able. You can even start your own group, if you are ambitious.

More reading: Turbo Charge Your Traffic With Flickr Groups

#4. Properly Tag and Organize Your Photos

Properly tag and organise your photos on Flickr

A surprisingly common mistake people make is in tagging and grouping their photos. These little details make it harder for images to come up in a search, and so limit exposure, even when placed in plenty of groups. You have to make sure you are putting precise, obvious tags in each photo when you first upload them.

When adding tags, it help to write both genre, mood and description keywords. For example, a photo could be a sepia shot of someone standing in a field with a low sun. You could tag it, ‘sepia, nature, woman, field, sunset, romantic, nature, calming’. This gives a decent number of relevant search parameters for a user to find your shot.

As for organization, it helps to put your work into collections. This is done on your profile page. You can take sets and put them together, or just group them based on common themes, formats or any other element you might like. You see this a lot with people who make series that are meant to go together.

More reading: Tips for Effective Flickr Tagging (some great advice there!)

 #5. Allow Creative Commons Use

Allow creative commons use on Flickr

The web is full of blogs and sharing sites now. Many are always on the lookout for images they can use, royalty free. Stock photos only go so far, and they may be looking for something a bit better to use. Which is why so many choose Flickr, thanks to the creative commons section. They are easy to embed with links and author names, and can be found on multiple sites. For example, Wikimedia Commons always has a lot of Flickr images mirrored there.

If you want to see your images gaining a wider viewing, start offering some of them for fair use. It doesn’t have to be every photo, but just a select few that have licensing offered. I usually recommend photographers provide one in ten pictures under creative commons licenses.

More Reading: Choosing and crediting Flickr Creative Commons photos


People love Flickr, both for personal and professional use. For the average photographer, it has limitless potential for self promotion and sharing creative inspiration with others. For businesses, it is a possible social tool that can draw others to products or services through indirect marketing.

Whichever way you choose to use it, the handiness of Flickr is impossible to deny, So start boosting your visibility using the five steps above, and get to reaping the benefits.

Guest Author: Ann Smarty is the serial guest blogger running My Blog Guest, the free guest blogging and content sharing platform. You can find My Blog Guest on Flickr.

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Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr

Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr

“What is more pleasant than the benevolent notice other people take of us, what is more agreeable than their compassionate empathy? What inspires us more than addressing ears flushed with excitement, what captivates us more than exercising our own power of fascination? What is more thrilling than an entire hall of expectant eyes, what more overwhelming than applause surging up to us? What, lastly, equals the enchantment sparked off by the delighted attention we receive from those who profoundly delight ourselves? – Attention by other people is the most irresistible of drugs. To receive it outshines receiving any other kind of income. This is why glory surpasses power and why wealth is overshadowed by prominence.”

Caterina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr, 2005.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr that proved fairly popular. A lot has changed at Flickr in the past 2 years though and how imagery is rated and ranked on the site has also changed. That said, I thought I’d write a fresher updated post on the top 10 ways, presently, to get attention on Flickr.

Back in 2006 when I wrote my original article on how to achieve popularity on Flickr my photostream had been viewed almost 400,000 times. According to a Flickr stats page that’s been added since that time, the view count for my pages on Flickr now stands at 9,953,328. It should pass 10 million sometime this week. I’m averaging about 14,000 page views a day on Flickr.

Some of how one gets attention on Flickr has remained the same since 2006. Other stuff has changed.

1. Take great pictures. This was my number one way to achieve popularity on Flickr in 2006 and remains the number one way today. Despite all the other things that you might do to promote your photography, none of it will matter if your photos are not interesting. Everyone can be creative. Some are more creative than others. Sometimes your gear and photo processing matters, other times it doesn’t. I’ve seen incredibly beautiful and creative photos taken with a $10 toy camera. And I’ve seen incredibly beautiful and creative photos taken with a $40,000 digital Hasselblad. I’ve seen people upload interesting things from a crappy iPhone camera and I’ve seen people upload interesting things that they spent 8 hours on Photoshop with. But, the better your photos are the more likely that you will get attention. Taking great photos is a prerequisite to everything else in this article.

This said, there are certain types of photos that tend to become more popular on Flickr than others. Provocatively posed female self portraits or photos of attractive women in interesting poses, extremely saturated photos rich with eye candy like color, cityscapes, night photography, photos depicting movement and motion, silhouettes, dramatic architecture, unique portraits, creatively arranged macros and cross processed and some film photography.

2. The order that you post your photos to Flickr counts. The number one way that your photos will likely be seen in Flickr comes fromyour Flickr contacts looking at their Flickr contact’s photos. At present Flickr allows you to set your contacts most recent photos to their last photo, or their last 5 photos. Anything beyond 5 photos in a single batch upload will largely be buried on Flickr. If you are uploading more than 5 photos at once, make sure that you upload your best 5 photos last and what you consider your very best photo last of all. Frequently people will upload a batch of 30 photos from a concert or something with no thought as to which will be the last 5 of the 30 in order.

3. Consider places outside of Flickr to promote your photography. Do you have a blog or a photoblog? If you want more attention on Flickr you should. Flickr makes it very easy to blog your photos, you simply cut and paste the html code above your photo and you are now photoblogging with a direct link back to your photo. My blog, is my number two external referrer of pageviews to my Flickrstream. Are you on FriendFeed yet? You should be. It’s easy to set up and makes sure more people see your photos.Pownce (when it is working) is another place to post interesting photos.

4. Do you have your settings on Flickr configured for maximum exposure? After Flickr itself, Google drives more traffic to my Flickrstream than any other source, even my blog. Yahoo search and both Google and Yahoo image search drive traffic as well. But your photos will be blocked from appearing in search engines unless you authorize Flickr to display your images in search engines. Make sure your photostream is set to not “hide your stuff from public searches,” here.

Same goes for the Flickr API. Lots of people are using the Flickr API in interesting ways. I get traffic from places like Flickrleech,Compfight, Technorati and lots of other places that use the Flickr API to extend your photos outside of Flickr. Make sure that you’ve authorized Flickr to allow API access to your photos here.

5. Explore. Explore still remains the number one way to get photos viewed on Flickr. Explore uses Flickr’s “Magic Donkey” algorithm to each day highlight 500 of what Flickr feels are the best photos on Flickr for that day. It’s a very popular section of the site despite the fact that everyone seems to constantly hate Explore and decry its mediocrity in selecting exceptional photos. Explore has changed and evolved a lot since it was first introduced at Flickr a few years back. Initially things like *when* you posted your photos mattered.

Whether or not Flickr chooses your photos for Explore is still very much a mystery. But there are some things that we do know. The more faves, comments, tags, etc. your photo gets, the more likely it is that it will appear in Explore. Explore also uses averaging in their algorithm now. This means that if your average photo gets 5 faves, then you’ll need to do considerably better than average if you hope to see that photo in Explore.

Photos are also constantly dropping in and out of Explore. I’ve got 157 photos in Explore at present but I’ve had 446 that have appeared in Explore at one time or another. You can check out which and how many of your photos that have been showcased by Flickr in Explore here. Just change my Flickr ID at the link above for your own.

6. Groups. Speaking of Explore, if you really want to get a particular photo in Explore consider adding it to a group that encourages tagging, faving and comments of photos. Photo critique groups are good examples of this. Some of the photo critique groups play games where tagging and commenting on a photo are part of the game. Flickr does not distinguish between a photo that has been commented on or tagged organically vs. one that is included in some sort of photo critique game. If you want to boost the likelihood that your photo will be selected for Explore consider putting a strong photo into one of these pools. Photo critique groups on Flickr run the gamut from nice and friendly photo critique groups likeTWIP’s, to hostile and brutal photo critique groups like DeleteMe Uncensored (note NSFW and maybe not the best group if you are easily offended).

Whatever the case, the key to groups is participation. If you simply dump a bunch of photos blindly into random groups you will likely not get much benefit. In fact, Flickr actually penalizes photo rank if someone posts their photo to too many groups. But posting your photo to selective groups where you participate will encourage activity on your photos and photostream.

7. Tag for Exploration (especially your most popular photos). Why has this photo of mine been viewed over 27,000 times on Flickr? Well in part because it shows up on the first page search results on Flickr for the search term guitar. And why does it show up in searches for the word “guitar?” Because I’ve got the photo *tagged* guitar. By tagging your photos appropriately you can ensure that more people will see them in search. Think of other ways that you can tag your photos. Are all of your photos taken in San Francisco also tagged “California?” They should be. Are all of your photos tagged “self portrait” also tagged with your name? Again, they should be.

The better you keyword and tag your photos, the more likely they will show up in searches that take place on Flickr. Even if you think that your photos will never be popular enough to rank highly in search, remember that there are other ways that Flickr users can filter search. You can search just by your contacts photos on Flickrfor instance. So even if you don’t have the most popular sunset photo amongst millions on Flickr, you might have the most popular sunset photo amongst your contacts because you tagged it.

A note that I’ve seen some people on Flickr abuse tags. They will tag every photo with girl, sunset, cat, etc. Even if these things are not in their photo simply to try and trick people into getting to their photos through search. This sucks. I’m not sure what/if/how Flickr penalizes people who do this, but it’s a crappy thing to do and ruins the search experience for everyone. Tag early and often, but only tag your photos with tags that truly are accurate and descriptive.

8. Geotag. One of the more interesting ways to find photos on Flickr is through exploring photos that are geotagged on a map. When I’m going to a new place that I’m not familiar with, frequently Flickr’s “Explore the World Map,” is one of my first destinations. But of course your photos will not show up here if they are not geotagged. The best way to geotag your photos is actually at the file level before you upload them. I use Geotagger on the Mac which allows you to use Google Earth to geotag your photos. You can also download the free software program from Microsoft Pro Photo Toolsto geotag photos on a PC.

Check what Flickr considers your most popular photos and make sure that you geotag (and more descriptively tag) these photos especially — even if you have to geotag these shots on Flickr using their tools. Geotagging has been documented by Flickr staff as increasing the Flickr “interestingness” rating of a photograph.

9. Consider creating a few “best of” sets and feature them prominently on your Flickrstream. Frequently when people first discover your photostream they don’t have time to check out your entire stream. But if you make it easier for them and create a few sets that highlight some of your best work they may stick around longer. I’ve created two such sets myself. My 10 faves or more setand my 25 faves or more set. These sets highlight what are some of my best work according to the Flickr community and are my two most visited sets on Flickr. As my photos are faved 10 or 25 times I add the tag fav10 or fav25 to these sets and then use SmartSetr to automatically generate these sets.

Make sure also that you change your Flickr page layout from the boring default one to one that highlights your collections and sets better.

10. Tell everyone you know about your Flickrstream. Are you active on other social networks? Is a link to your Flickrstream prominently displayed on your blog? On your Facebook profile page? Be sure to include a link to your Flickrstream in every profile that you are on with other sites. Consider buying Moo cards (even though has been lousy for me lately and won’t let me buy anymore cards from them) which highlight your photostream that you can give out to people that you run across while out shooting. Tell your friends and family and your offline “real life” contacts about your Flickrstream.

Bonus tip: Reciprocation. Above everything else, perhaps the most important thing about Flickr is that it is a community and a reciprocation based community. If you think that you can just post your photos on the site and they will garner thousands of faves and views simply because, you are wrong. Even the best photos on Flickr will not get very much attention if you simply upload them to the site and never participate.

Flickr has been built to encourage reciprocation. In fact a recent study cited reciprocation as the number one key to popularity on Flickr. Every single time you fave or comment on someone else’s photo you are giving them a link back to your own photostream. While you may not have the time to check out *everyone* who faves your photos, spend time each day faving and commenting on other people’s photos on Flickr. By sharing with others the fact that you appreciate their photos they will return the favor. Be generous with your faves and comments. Remember, other people like the attention as much as you do.