A Few Interesting Facts About Name Tags

A Few Interesting Facts About Name Tags
When a person meets another person for the first time, one of the questions that usually starts the conversation is ‘What is your name?’ Knowing someone else’s name allows people to distinguish them from the crowd and is crucial in making acquaintances or even developing a friendship.

However, there are situations when asking for another person’s name might interfere with the pace of our lives. Moreover, in some cases simply the name of another person won’t be enough. For example, people taking part in big conferences with a large number of participants are very likely to be interested not only in another person’s name but also in the company he or she represents. In such situations the usual what-is-your-name conversations are likely to be unnecessary and time-consuming. In a similar manner, customers wishing to know the name of cashiers in fast-food restaurants are very likely to annoy the hungry people waiting in line. In such situations name tags become an easy way to save precious time.

Usually name tags are small sheets of paper or plastic which are either attached to clothing with a badge or worn around a person’s neck with the help of a necklace. Different types of situations require different name tags which need to be carefully chosen. For example, tag necklaces are likely to disturb the work of a fast-food restaurant employee during the food preparation, but may be perfect to wear during scientific or business conferences. Professionals recommend the name on the name tags to be written in big and clear letters enough for the characters be seen from a distance of 10 ft. Other information such as the company logo or the person’s position should be smaller than the name for a quicker start of communication between people.

Different name tags designed for different places also contain different types of information about a person. The tags worn by the workers in the fast-food chains are likely to have the name of the person, his or her position and a small logo of the company on them. In addition to their name written on the name tags the conference participants most probably will have a logo of the organization they represent, the logo of the conference itself and their status on it like ”member”, ”speaker”, ”attendee” and so on. The participants from other towns or countries are likely to have emergency information on the back of their name tags such as local police, fire or ambulance numbers. The employees of public organizations such as banks or universities who are not required to wear uniforms will presumably wear name tags of the same corporate design to be identified by their customers.

The importance of communication should never be underestimated. Facilitating communication between a customer and a worker or between two university professors at a scientific conference who do not know each other is not always an easy task. Such a simple thing as name tags, however, is likely to help the organizers of a big event or an owner of a large business to make communications between people much more efficient.

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