3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

One of the good things about the internet is the unlimited resource for free software. So, if you’re new in business or looking for some ways to save on software investment, it is a good idea to try out one or two free CRM software systems. As you may initially need some kind of communication and contact management tool, utilising a CRM software will be of great help to you.

A CRM software is the main tool that is being utilised for the customer in communicating with the sales department since it involves many different people within their respective organizations and each with their own different methods.

There are different types and variations of CRM but let us focus on the 3 core elements which are vital to a meaningful Customer Relationship Management.

Key Element No.1 – Customer Service
Customer Service or the Frontliners are responsible for selling products and services to your customers, communicating with your customers with regards to marketing, as well as with the after-sales services. They are the ones in direct interaction with the customers. Each interaction with the customer is recorded and stored within the CRM system where it can be extracted by other employees when needed. Hence, making sure that your initial interaction with the customer is a positive one.

Key Element No.2 – Sales Force Automation
Sales force automation or SFA allows the sales team to record each interaction with customers, the details of the contact, and the necessary follow ups. It enables the sales team to perform better at the same time avoid duplication of work. Given that your sales team is in constant look out for sales opportunities both with current and prospective customers, it is extremely important that contact information and customer data for both existing and prospective customers are recent and updated in your CRM software in order for the sales team to achieve the highest level of customer service.

Key Element No.3 – Campaign Management
Acquiring new customers is mainly the goal of the any sales team. Targeted marketing materials are aimed to a group of specific customers sometimes with special price quotations and special terms to lure them into buying your product. CRM software is useful here in recording the details of the campaign, customer responses based on the campaign and evaluation of the campaign results. Acquiring and retaining your customers will be easy once you have a systematic way of pointing out your customers’ wants and needs accurately.

Your CRM software must have these three essential core elements for you to attain a successful and effective relationship with the customer. Once you try one or two free CRM software, you will then have a clear idea what features are important to your business. Free CRM software or otherwise, the truth still remains that these 3 core elements are the key to a meaningful customer relationship management so it is your responsibility to ensure that these 3 elements are in your CRM software.

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